Any good zero-down lease deals?


Does anyone know of any stupid good zero-down lease deals at the moment? Looking for a car for my wife, so the deal is more important than what kind of car :slight_smile: Would love to find something prior to the end of the year…



Looks like most of the VW stuff is $2,999.00 down right now, but I’m pretty sure they do the “sign then drive” stuff… but that might be only a set time of year.


@Beck posted a sign and drive on a VW Atlas S. 3/30k 379/month. Not cheap but that’s a pretty high end 7 passenger SUV.

@ultradriver10000 usually knows all the lease deals going on at GM. GM always seems to have something they’re basically giving away with a lease.


Yea, we get a GM employee discount but the deals are less than convincing at the moment. Her Cruze was $87/month :joy:


I don’t think they are giving anything away at the moment.


You just missed 0% for three years on Corvettes. I think it included all Chevrolets, but this was the first time the corvette was included. Also I think it was for purchase.

Have not seen any good lease deals though.



Jetta right now is cheap. You can get a S for a little over $200 with almost nothing out of pocket. You can get a fully loaded one for just over $300. If you’re interested in specifics, let me know.


@King just got a Jetta :+1: