Anybody got a tree guy?

Latest storm we had a couple months ago knocked my parent’s privacy hedges over flat, these things are 15-20 feet tall and would probably cost 10k to replace.

I propped them all up with stakes/bricks/cinder blocks but they’re still at an angle (75-80*), but they’re alive.

My plan if I can’t find someone is to put a post in the ground with concrete and use a come-along/winch to get them straight again.

My dad had one guy stop buy and he offered to remove them but we’d like them saved.

Any recommendations are appreciated!

What kind of shrubs are they? Some can be cut right to the ground and come back pretty fast. If not id try your idea and see what happens. I have a cherry that something similar happened to and was able to fix in a similar way.

I’ve never hired a tree service but a friend of mine highly recommends Above and Beyond. He’s only used them to remove trees though, but from their reviews it sounds like they do more than just tree removal.

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I got like 3 quotes a few years ago, Tree Care of New York was by far the best price.

I’m sure they do tree “health care” as well

(716) 681-1414

(3) poplar / cottonwood 60ish+ feet tall / 3+ foot diameter ? and (3) “easy” pines with stump grinding was $4500. 2019 price, everything was easy access, no power lines or structures.

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They look like this and they’ve been growing for years, they were shorter than me when I still lived at home

a 4 ft one at home depot is 60$, I can’t imagine what a 20 foot one would be

Thanks for suggestions fellas I’ll pass the info along

They look like Giant Arborvitae, dont cut them back. Id try your idea. My cherry tree took a season of duport to straighten out

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I was curious about this so I started doing a little reading. Not looking good. Likely a significant amount of root damage and because they’re so large it’s unlikely they’ll have enough roots to produce the energy they need to survive even once you stand them back up.

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worth a shot I suppose, it would be a bummer to have to chop them down

Agreed, but you might have trouble finding a company to do it because they’re not going to want to be responsible when it doesn’t work. I know I wouldn’t do it fearing some Karen calling up 2 years later demanding I pay for an entire row of 15’ trees because it’s my fault they died after I straightened them.

Called the guys but they didn’t get back to my dad :confused:

I’m gonna try putting in a post with concrete and winching them back up when the ground is wet, otherwise we will probably chop them down. I do not think the roots came out enough to kill them.

One of the guys who stopped by said it would take about ten years for some trees to get that tall again


Yeah, they’re not blown down that far. Roots are probably ok, but I’m not a tree guy.

that doesnt look too bad. Id say do it in stages and see what happens.

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ha, that reminds me I have a small ratchet strap on a “tree” (something that stops growing at 10-12 feet) that has been there for like over 10 years. I’m surprised the strap hasn’t broke from uv damage.

So the trees are almost finally upright, I’ve been slowly doing this all summer. This is the most I’ve probably put my engineering degree to use.

Moving them inch by inch. Add another brick, wait a few weeks, remove brick and the tree is in its new spot. Then start all over again with the scissor jack.


Well played!