Anybody have a roof guy?

Can’t seem to get a hold of mine. May need some recommendations. Seal around my chimney is dripping in my attic. Don’t want it to get worse. Roof is less than 10 years old.

Damn I’m looking for soffit repair myself.

Temporary (or semi perm) solution to your leak: go to Home Depot and buy this:

They make it in caulking tube size too.

Also snag some of that fabric mesh to lay down first.

This shit works. I made a repair years ago and it’s still holding. Doesn’t look great, but nothing is getting through it.

I second @Onyx_Z32
I had to make some repairs around our chimney that lasted about 4 years and then had the whole roof replaced. Chimney is a tough spot, especially if its off to one side on your roof. Make sure your capstone is good too, could be getting in there.

I used a bucket of the Henry stuff on my chimney a couple years ago and haven’t had an issue since. I put on a coat of the tar, then wrapped some of this and embedded it into the first coat, then went back over it with more tar.

Basically treated it like fiberglass if you’ve ever worked with that. Seemed like a very solid repair when I was done.

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I’m having the same issue with mine, leaking into the attic too. Had some company that started with F…idk what, come by and they quoted me $1400 to fix the chimney or $1200 to tear it down. I’m leaning to the latter and then going with a power vented hot water tank.

Good idea

Thanks for the suggestions fellas, gotta get this figured out before winter.

Put on the stuff recommended by @Onyx_Z32

Next rainfall will be the test!


Didn’t leak yesterday but we had light rain. Today will be the true test.

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