Anyone a controls engineer?


I’m the ME/PE where I work in my department but often times I have to rely on my EEs (control’s guys) to get equipment going or properly installed. I would be interested in learning Allen Bradley PLC for myself. Are there are reputable certification courses? Or anyplace I should start?


Doesn’t the vendor offer courses?

This stuff isn’t super hard we hack into them


I was a controls engineer before becoming a process engineer. I originally got started by going to training courses with Ron Beaufort but he recently retired. AB offers courses that I think you can take at Rexel but they are big money. I trained two EEs on allen bradley and the hardest thing was showing them how to interface the software and equipment. If you can build a small test bench and buy some cheap stuff that can be incredibly useful.
I also used to freelance and a bunch of my how-to’s are here:
If you have any questions on code the community is extremely helpful and feel free to reach out to me.


The controls engineers at work told me they learned PLC while in college, then just got better as their career went on, they suggested looking up courses online but that’s pretty general. I see Allen Bradley has some and fired off a couple of emails, I’m waiting for a reply. My work will pay up to 8000 a year towards a certification/degree if they deem it necessary/beneficial to the company. I could cut a lot of costs and feel a lot more confident in my work if I knew how to program. I usually build process systems (like automation and robots) then tell the controls guys what I want the machinery to do. I’d like full control over my projects and be able to tell what’s going on during breakdowns.


Nice man thanks for the links and tips I’ll be sure to check them out.

I could have SWORE that ECC had a 2 year allen bradley program but it’s not on their website anymore.


I took a class on velocio stuff but have messed with a bunch of other vendors


You will want to reach out to Eric Leffler at Rexel. I attached their 2019 training schedule.Rexel Rockwell 2019 April-Sept Open Enrollment Training Schedule.pdf (1.0 MB)


Very cool thank you! and if I’m not mistaken, you’re an electrician aren’t you? Some of the electricians here are pretty proficient in PLC, others don’t want anything to do with it.


I am not. I manage lots of them though. I was previously in industrial electrical sales so I know a thing or two about controls and automation but have made the move over to commercial construction with CIR Electric. I am falling back into my niche and acquiring mostly local manufacturing facilities as my steady customers though.