Anyone have a gator grip socket I can borrow?

I know it sounds a bit gimmicky, but I’ve exhausted all other option on a rounded plug at this point. Anyone got one, or know where I can buy one locally? Need one ASAP, today if possible.

I had a similar problem before. Ended up buying this:

It worked excellent.

Advance Auto sells em if you want to buy. But if you want to borrow them LMK.

Use a bolt extractor or “Twist Out” socket. Those Gator Grips are bullshit.

I know Harbor Frieght carries a cheap set or if you know the rough size you can buy a single socket for what you need.

The reverse spiral work the best:

^ +1 to Luke. I have a Craftsman set of those and they work amazingly well.

Those are pretty much what I suggested except you need the deep well for a spark plug. Those shallow ones will not work.

Thanks guys, drvnkd already came through for me with both a gator grip, and a set of extractor sockets. Thanks again.

I took “plug” as in a Oil/Trans/Diff Plug. Not SparkPlug…yes, those would not work on spark plugs.

See. He IS helpful.

Oh, good point.

What… No mention of the Aero-Kroil?

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My mistake…

Well, did it work?

It worked! Thanks again, driven kid!


+1 to drunk’d!

So… Did you get your $25 plugs yet?

4/15/13 aye…

To perpetuate this even further - we will get lunch next week, I’ll tell you ahead of time that I will bring it, only to purposely not bring it, yet also forget my wallet so you have to handle the whole check to boot…savy?

Like I carry enough money for that.

I’ll wear my running shoes.


Maybe you bring my socket?

Is it bad, that after all these years, I hav enot needed to use that socket once.
Nor, could I if I needed it :smiley: