Anyone work for West Herr Chevy?


My brother in law just bought a used Camaro from the used lot on transit. In the 3 months he owned the car and put on it 900 miles. Went in for a noise and they are saying bc it’s over 3 months old he has to cover the full $7,500 repair. The guy who looked at the car said there was Deff a problem for a while and should of never sold the car. I’ll be making phone calls myself but wondering if anyone had a contact.


How many miles were on it when he bought it?


Only enough to cover for 90 days. Lemon Law wont help.




Literally welcome to my life with West Herr.

Never again.


If its past the 90 warranty why should WestHerr cover the cost. I don’t see any dealer doing that, if anything they may offer a discount but thats it. Buying a used car is always a gamble and if the problem was going on for a while then he should have brought it in sooner.


I think the lesson to learn from the last two similar threads is that when you buy a used car, DRIVE THE SHIT OUT OF IT for the first month of ownership.

I usually take a long trip with whatever I buy almost right away. Find the bugs quick, fix 'em while it’s free.


I agree, in my case it was my wife’s vehicle so aside from the test drive I probably only put 100 miles of driving on it.

I think the take away is that West Herr doesn’t really care what they sell you as far as used vehicles, but the same can be said of most used car dealers so I suppose that’s no surprise.


Extended warranty. Close friend has a X5D and his extended warranty has already paid for itself 5 times over. Probably close to $22k in repairs and his contract was only $4000 something. Even tho I’m a technician I would still look into an extended warranty if buying a used vehicle. CPO would be first choice tho.


CPO is great and I doubt I’ll buy another used car that isn’t a CPO. The price difference isn’t that much considering how much more warranty you get.

  1. The dealer is supposed to go over a lot to make sure it’s up to manufacturer defined CPO standards. With a non CPO used car you’re lucky if it got a full NYS inspection and got a 10 minute detail after the dealer took it in on trade and tossed it back out for sale.
  2. You get a decent bumper to bumper warranty in case they failed to do #1 properly. You also get a nice long warranty on the expensive powertrain parts.


Is it a 5th gen SS or a V-6? What’s wrong with it?

I bought a used Camaro from West Herr. I’ve been beating on it at the track. Zero issues.


yea whats wrong with it? im trying to figure out what kind of noise would be 7500 to repair…motor noise? like a knock?


“Used Camaro” and $7,500 in repairs could mean it’s on it’s way to the scrap yard depending on the year, lol.