Anyone here work for West Herr?


My wife and I purchased a 2015 Nissan Rogue with 45,000 miles from West Herr back in May (I believe), and since then we have had several issues with it. The rear glass leaks from the top (known Nissan issue but only covered until 36,000 miles), during our test drive and first two months of ownership it didn’t really rain so we had no idea until recently. Now we are looking at front wheel bearings and possibly an issue with the CVT transmission. I have an appointment with Mike Barney Nissan on Monday, I’m having them look at all the issues and get us a quote for repairs that I am going to bring to West Herr. I have not been back to West Herr since our purchase, nor have I called them. We initially figured “it’s a used car, there’s going to be some dings and dents, maybe replace tires eventually” but this thing is turning into an annoyance.

If anyone works for West Herr and can offer some advice on how to approach this I would greatly appreciate it.



I should add, we’ve only put 3,500 miles on it since our purchase.


You bought a used car (not new, not CPO) in May and it’s now Sept. Regardless of miles I seriously doubt West Herr is going to do anything.


Under the law, since it had 45k on it you had 60 days or 3k miles to sort out issues with it. Unfortunately they’re not obligated by law to help you out. Maybe you can guilt them, but your chances are slim without any leverage… unless someone here can hook ya up.


Well West Herr is useless.

So, my wife hasn’t touched a thing on the Rogue since purchase…we took it to Mike Barney Nissan and they are actually covering both front wheel bearings and CVT fluid under the Powertrain warranty. The rear window they are taking care of because it was a warranty replacement (glass delamination) and should have been caught at West Herr prior to sale, so it’s a good faith type deal.

West Herr…impossible to get a hold of AND now (mind you this is my wifes SUV) I’m finding out we don’t have a wheel lock key. I’m going to assume it’s at West Herr since they inspected our vehicle prior to sale but I’ve gotten the run-around all day from them.

So I guess once they figure their shit out with my wheel lock, Mike Barney is going to take care of us.


Wheel locks are gross anyway, zip 'em off!


More dealership fun! Sounds like it could be worse though.


Luckily Mike Barney has been excellent to work with, I’ll never go back to West Herr.


Glad Mike Barney is taking care of you. Then again, they are a big Nissan dealer so I would expect them to step up. West Herr, as with any large volume multi-brand dealer, I’m sure you’ll hear stories good and bad. We bought my wife’s Soul there a couple years ago and had the best buying experience there compared to anywhere else for a new Kia. Granted, this was a brand new purchase, we were still very pleased and I have continued to bring it back there for regular service for that reason. Bummed to hear you didn’t get the same, but not surprised I suppose.


Mike Barney fixed everything, it’s like driving a brand new vehicle. All under warranty.


Good to hear :+1:


I would reccomend trading it in or selling it outright. I’ve bought several Nissans with CVTs and they all needed transmissions. This is shockingly common and it will most likely need another one before 100k miles. I would get it gone while it’s running good. Seriously.