Apple Vision Pro

What are everyone’s thoughts?

Typical Apple, renames an existing tech (Augmented Reality → Spacial Computing) and adds solid marketing.

A young guy I work with told me this week that he considered putting the $3,500 device on a credit card just to have it. I guess the marketing / FOMO is working :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is probably staged, but maybe what we can begin to expect…

This is really cool:

Almost to the matrix

This guy is a master

Ready player one is about to become a reality.

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Holy shit…

Also Simpsons prediction…

And more…

This is incredible:

this does not seem interesting tbh.

the more people spend time in their simulated reality the more those of us who focus on the real reality will excel in the real reality.


That was exactly my mindset as well, but I think there’s going to be a sub group: people that acknowledge the advantages of AR/VR but choose not to integrate and instead pull the Luddite card and strive to work against the virtual world.

Does less engagement in reality by the masses devalue physical assets through lack of demand?


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in the fairly near future automation is going to make it so half of us work and the other half waste away in augmented reality

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yep. Give everyone UBI, including those who work. Let the half who dont wanna work stay at home living in augmented reality.


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Had a brief conversation with a co-worker about AR/meta quest etc…

We basically spend all day looking at screens, so why not use VR/AR.
Giant screens everywhere that you can use. He’s a designer/CAD guy so maybe it makes sense, but I think it’s nothing more than a toy unless you can design piping between plant equipment in real time while walking a site.

Maybe then we would stop trying to run the pipes through the center of control rooms in Issue For Construction drawing packages :slight_smile:

would be great for techs rebuilding equipment like fillers.



Generate 3D model, then bring it into your living room. :open_mouth: