Attn Admins

Please check out HayMakr

10 posts. seemingly all in fs threads. I may be being a little childish. Yet i do not appreciate people using forums for sale purposes only.

Also…the items for sale are complete vehicles. Every time he/she posts do not reply, send pm.

Check it out???

My apologies if this is a bad idea.

His name is Kyle, he is local to me and he works at a part’s store in Hamilton and is selling projects to fund a 240sx project.

this is as far as i know anyways…

there was a concern about this recently. He has been on the forums for a while under a different user name and now has a new account for some reason.

Guess i shouldn’t stick my nose where it does not belong…

^better you tried to warn us rather then let something happen to your felow sonlings

you just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside\:D/

this thread is exactly the reason i abandoned my old username and just stick to classifieds now on son. if you have a problem, why not just pm bing?, he’ll tell u im legit and be done with it. i had allready recieved a pm from an admin about my multiple fs threads and low post count, i explained myself, he checked with bing and everythings cool. but no, you gotta go and make a big deal about it cuz im not a son baller with 10,000 posts and question my legitimacy and possibly compromise my threads.

see my post count? not much more then yours in reality.

no need to get upset. curiosity kills the cat.

it just all seemed fishy to me. the ranger with a 9.5" lift kit? okay. guess your legit. my apologies

now chill the fuck out.