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I’ve got a crazy idea. What if the people on the forums who are looking to sell often could request a forum for their own use to post their sales, current stock, on-going sales, etc.

I was wanting to post some on-going sales and I was torn as to which forum to post it in, group buys or items for sale. Items for sale rules say I have to have the items in stock, so I chose group buys. But it’s not really a group buy… so I just tried to best explain it in the post(s). has a good example, and I have my own forum for my business there along with other sponsors of the site. Guys like Varun, Iquabob, etc could all post there in a nice clean/tidy environment.

What would be even BETTER is if these individuals had the authority to keep thier threads clean by having mod rights to their own section of the site.

I think something like this could either work well, or not work at all, it could go both ways depending on how people treat it. If done right, it could attract outside buyers to the site to visit the “virtual shops” where say Varun has posted all of his wicked deals.

I would say anyone who wants to do this and has been a successful seller in the past should be able to give it a chance, if they cause issues, suck at selling or screw anyone over. They can immadiately be revoked of the priviledge.

I’m just trying to come up with ideas for the club to capitalize on the massive user base that is already here and all of the numbers that will likely come in after the new F&F :slight_smile:

You could also enforce some sort of rule to give your members a greater benefit and say that all shops must offer X% discount, or some other sort of benefit to all PAID SON club members. This will keep the memberships rolling in too!!

I’m not sure why I can’t edit my own posts in this section, but here is a direct link to show the section of (that doesn’t really get used much, but it’s just an example that I know of) mentioned above.

I’m officially renaming the FRONT DESK to “IDEAS BY JOHN” :run:

I disabled EDIT in this section (except only by Admins) to keep some sort
of order, even against Mods :noes:

Anywho I like your idea, but it’s a little too much for this club to have.
At least for the time being.

If other sellers show enough interst in their own section, then maybe we
can work something out.

Fair enough.

I seem to be visiting more often now if you guys need help with something like that I’m always willing. I’ve got the business experience to back up something like that.

We discussed this in the admin section but didn’t think it would work very well.

We’d have to charge or make a forced discount to give people the
priveledge, but it would be hard to decide who is allowed, and who is not
allowed to have thier own section.

Also if we have alot of these people, then the main page of the forum
will become huge…

That’s true. You could always tone it down a notch and just open another forum for those of us who want to advertise what we are currently selling.

Basically we are missing a place to post things that we have for sale, don’t have in stock and don’t wish to do a group buy on. On-Going sales is what I generally refer to this as.

Am I making sense here? :slight_smile:

Well when i was trying ot sell tires on the accord boards…they pm’ed me and said the only way someone can sell bulk ie not the odd item here and there, but like something your trying to sell alot of it costs 5 dollars per month and all that jazz. meh i guess it was an ok idea


If you have ongoing sales then you should have a website, not just be
using our forum…

It could work, but its tough to iron out the details… and the main thing is
the forum index would become huge.

Its something to think about…

ahhh Andrew I need to make a post in my own For Sale thread.
This is not going to work, how can we sell our products.
I’ve had stuff bashed for 3 years, you gotta live with it and depend on the mods to clean up the BS.


Edit the post noob face!

Consider doing what I did in the first post of my Megan Racing group buy. Update it with dates, newest at the top.

:lol: apparently I’m a noob…thats a new one.
How the hell am I suppose to bump a FS thread off the 3rd page?

Well, there will obviously need to be some new rules written.

Maybe instead of being allowed to bump your thread after 7 days (or whatever the rule is) you can start a new one?

I don’t think that posts should be allowed and people should have to deal with the irresponsible posts going on in that forum just so people can bump there threads… There are other ways to get around that.

Here’s an idea.

Why not bookmark your FS threads in your browser. If you have trouble
finding it, just use the bookmark.

I’m against creating multiple threads on the same item just because it
was bumped off the front page.

It’s like budding in line at the grocery store (well bumping is the same
thing but it’s acceptable :o )

your post made no sense.

finding your own threads isnt a problem, if your selling something you want OTHER people to be able to find it.

It was in reference to this statement, so it clearly made sense.

When I sell something I wouldn’t want to recieve a bunch of pm’s saying the same thing. Cause then instead of one “rude” comment in my for sale thread. I’ll get multiple rude pm’s cause nobody else will know that there comment had been said. And if there is multiple “rude” comments in a for sale thread it does mean people are interested enough to look at it.

There are about 10 new FS threads a day roughly, some are just bumped but alot are new. So older FS threads get moved down very quickly. If the threads are unable to get bump nothing will really be sold. The current set-up I think works good or err the old setup now.

Also if you have stuff you want to sell just give a quick blurb about it in you sig with a link to the page. When I was selling my fender I had a “Pass Side Fender For Sale -”(not real link) I think the way it was was fine.

When there is a rude/stupid comment there is usually somebody who will poke fun of the person who made it. There may be somebody else who takes that to seriously but it’s all cool. This thread is a perfect example. (real link) And it looks like it is leading to a succsessful sale.

No one is gonna PM just to make stupid comments.

Most ppl make stupid comments, so that others can read, and then
so others can join in on the flame.

I’m happy with the way it is now (regulars can’t reply to FS; only PM).

If you could make some kind of special exception, that the person that made the thread is allowed to post in it, that’d be the perfect solution.

I agree 100% with this.