ATTN: Audi A4 people

Hey , i think im looking to get an A4 1.8t quattro between the year 98-2000
black on black

Now i need some tips , i really would like this car to be relaible for about 3 years thats how long i plan on keeping the car. I plan on moding it but not heavily, maybe up the boost a bit and excuasht and minor shit like that . just want it to be quick nothing stupid fast.

What year is the best year to get?

What are major issues id need to attened first? and how much?

How much are mods for this car?

How is the handeling?

and etc…

all tips would be grealtly concerd.

search UBRF for the post there about it, it was covered extensively.

i’d like to search UBRF right now, but it’s banned from my work.

My advice, Dont buy one

control arms will go, just a matter of when. THats about $600 parts and $500 in labor if you cant do it.

They handle quite well, but are heavy.

just change the control arms every time you top off the gas tank and your fine

dont try to mod the electical system in any odd ways

dont let the battery die with the sunrood open

if you manage to pop the bumper off its endclips, replace the clip on the fender … and if that doesnt work … replace the bumper (you think im joking?)

darkstar knows for to mod them for performance, theres not alot out there performance wise tho

There was a kid selling suuuuch a nice A4 on ubrf a while back, zohnny5 was his name IIRC

see if he still has it…

Zohnny5’s A4 is long gone.

He didn’t even have to wait two weeks to sell that one, and he got more for it than he was asking. :wink:

beware timing chains and control arms

german bling = rediculous expensive maintenance…

word, brake jobs arent a 100 dollar deal … audi uses brembo made parts … fat cash for a 4 corner brake job … even just for parts

poor information in this thread, I’d check the UBRF thread when you’re not at work.

and they don’t have timing chains

actualy … one of audis engine problems is the timing chain adjusters loose presser when the car sits …

not ALL audis have TC’s … but some do, and i beleive the passat / a4 1.8t is one of those cars

i beleive the turbo v8’s had sick long timing chains too …

its a timing belt, and requires removing the front end of the car to change.

great here comes mr. know it all

searched the net some more

apparently 1.8na has the timing chain, 1.8t is belt, the 2.8 is supposedly chain but the engine drawing i found shows belt and the 4.2 is belt in the image i found, so is the 12 cylinder “w” engine … couldnt find what the 2.7 is

my appologies to anyone that took my post as the gospel and now has ruined their lives because they listened to me … and me alone

but then again i did use the words “i beleive” … so if you took my words as the end all be all your a retard

because of my obvious mixup over this issue, ill completely understand if you decide to never ever ask for my help doing and audi front end job of any sort that requires the removal of the core support … since the core is right next to the timing belt, and i was wrong about THAT part, my field of ignorance might have already spread outwards and inveloped parts of those cars i removed / installed at least every other week for 5 years of my life :shrug:

off topic, but the 2.8’s have a belt not chains. I know, i have one.

yea, i seam to remember alot of them getting damaged in front end collisions … i knifed plenty of them when a car wasnt running from other collision related reasons and we didnt want INS companies to try to get away w/ not putting a belt on

notice: this obviously wasnt done on any cars that didnt NEED belts …


want to post up the link to the thread your talking about?

I’m banned other wise I would have :stuck_out_tongue: