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was your truck in a magazine? i was killing time getting an oil change and was reading a diesel magazine, and there was a truck that looked like the pics here, if so, congrats. looks real nice

:rofl: mike is a show bitch would not doubt it :slight_smile:

Yea that truck is way too clean for a truck…

8-Lug Diesel Performance Mag. Just did a 5-@age spread on my truck and I’m pretty sure I got on the cover as well in the Jan. Issue. I wasn’t aware that this mag. Has been published yet … I’m going to have to go check now!!

Congrats! Post up some scans if you can get them.

Thanks dude. Will do … If anyone happens to see the mag please let me know. It will be the January issue. Only shitty thing is they did the story a while ago and I believe the dyno a that time only made 566hp … I’ve gone up quite a bit from then!

I thought you blew something and were considering a rebuild. Did you end up doing the rebuild?

There was a big mixup with turbos. I made 566.5hp on a 62mm. I then made 580hp a second 62mm after the first one grenaded. After the second 62mm took a shit is when all was revealed. I was under the impression that I was running the large 66/74mm turbo since that is what was ordered and paid for but they sent me 62mms instead. Being that I made 580hp on the baby turbo … This new charger should put me well over 600hp

Sweet, I am hoping to actually make it out to PRP sometime this spring/summer to see the truck run. I have heard it is pretty impressive.

sweet! i will keep my eyes open for this mag as well. I loved the dyno pics you posted a few months back that ended with your interior being covered in soot.

conrats, it looks real nice

Thanks a lot dude!! … I have checked a ton of places local here and I can find it!!! … Where were ya at!


Do you know what dirt is?

pep boys on mcknight road, just was there yesterday. they had like 10 copies.

SmokinDiesel? more like SmokinPole, amirite?

Only yours sweetheart!!!

I love you Mikey!

Congrats bro… I want to see the pis in the mag when u get them… Shout outs to me for the stereo install lol…

Thanks dude … I just got back from washington and I checked some places there and I didn’t find it. Everyone around here still has the december issue and I need the Jan. issue