I went to East Aurora NOT the southern tier!
EA is one of the top ranked schools around.
So there!:smiley:

PS I wasn’t talking about Trams Am racing.

I feel like I’m back in 4th grade and the cool kids are arguing over whether Nike or Adidas makes the best sneaker.

AWD all the way

Lamborghini’s are not supercars. I place them in the league of your run of the mill Ferrari 355/360/430 or Porsche 911 GT2/GT3.

Please die geez.

I meant RyanMcell :wink:

But we’ll have a laugh about EA too :wink:


This is one of those rare threads that I agree with what MPD47 has to say. But it is still a very close call for me. AWD definitely has it’s advantages in some applications like rally, but on the tarmac RWD offers much more control. And any way you look at it I have a lot of fun with RWD being able to just hang the ass end out around every turn when I want too.

Funny, I hang ass ends whenever I want around turns in my AWD cars?

The question sucks so much it’s not even funny.

I’ll answer it the way I perceive the question :

If I only had one car, it would be AWD. I’m not talking super cars, I’m not talking “race” cars. I’m talking about a car I am going to own, and drive around. All year, everywhere, whenever I want. Where ever I want.

You fucksticks talk about all these “supercars” that gasp guess what? Suck shit in rain, and any type of not perfect weather/road conditions. Not to mention, no one here is going to own a supercar anytime in the near future so you can cockjoust all you want.

Howie, if I search on google for cockjoust do you think I’ll come up with what the mental picture suggests?



i agree with that howie said tho

Burnouts are certainly big on my list, but it’s hard to argue with traction. I guess I want a car with AWD where I can disengage the front at will and make it RWD :smiley:


So Xander when are we doing group buys on 996 Turbos?


Yeah cause it was the only AWD car competing until the lancia came out… then they started getting competititve.

My hs happened to be #6 in NYS dunno if it still is, but the southern tier is far from being stupid. Hick-ish yes, but dumb no.

That would be the shit.:hitit:

why is AWD winning this?

If AWD was superior the F40, a car never meant to race in any class, would have been AWD

And if AWD wasn’t superior, they never would have banned it from most major racing series (F1, FIA GT, ALMS, LMES, SUPER GT, etc. etc. etc.)

Also, IMSA would have let this car continue to compete instead of taking away it’s tire size, then restricting it’s boost, then just banning it outright because no RWD car in the class had a shot in hell (even after all the weight penalties, restrictions and tires half the size of the rest of the RWD class).

Cue same results for Speed World GT (Audi RS 6, and whatever they ran before), and the shackles placed on the A4s in the touring car class, who still kick ass, and lap the field when it rains.

The F40 was made in the vein of classic sports car. “Classic” sports cars are usually rear wheel drive. Ferrari has years and years of RWD sports cars. Why would they go put an AWD system on a sports car that was designed for their founder’s birthday when the founder grew up with and was most comfortable with RWD cars? :smash2:

P.S. Did I mention that the Subaru STI class has ruled SCCA Touring 2 since 2004?

RWD because I live in FL and can easily drive it all year round. AWD if I still lived in the ROC so I could drive it year round.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

You can’t make the blanket arguement (:lol: @ Freek) about which is better without SOME semblance of application.

All things being equal for all conditions, AWD > RWD



uh, that is HOT.

uh, that is hot.