B15 Sentra owners: Question about aftermarket stereos

Hey Guys,

I was thinking of putting an aftermarket head unit into my '01 Sentra SE.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on what I’d need. It sounds like there are two main suppliers of a “dash kit”, one by Metra and one by Scosche, but apparently the Scosche one fits like crap, so only the Metra kit is recommended. For wiring harnesses, again Metra and Scosche both offer one. But I don’t know the differences between them or if one is necessarily better than the other.

My question is, are there any local suppliers of the Metra kits? And for those of you who put a new deck in your B15, which wiring harness did you go with? Are they truly “plug n’ plug” or do you still have to do some soldering and/or crimping?


Most wiring kits still require some soldering, But its usually still color to color. The nice thing is is you can do it at a table, solder the harness from the deck to the adapter harness then done.

I have both kits between me and the Mrs. They both work fine. The grounds are th onlu things you should ground to the cars frame… The ones on the harness don’t go anyware.

Below are the diagrams / pictures that follow along with these instructions.

Dash Dissasembly

Receiver Installation

Door Dissasembly

Door Speaker Installation

Rear Deck Dissasembly and Speaker Installation

hope this helps.

Cool. Can you recall where you found each of the kits locally? (assuming you bought locally).

Below are the diagrams / pictures that follow along with these instructions.
hope this helps.

Thanks. Those are awesome diagrams.

i think nissan will have the harness that you need. Its like 01+ harness for the B15.
And for you deck surround, its 20$ at nissan for the surround; it just has a square cut out of it for the faceplate.

And yes its truly plug and play.
Stock harness > new harness >deck = done.

Yeah… Igot my kit at Best Buy and the Mrs @ Futureshop

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