back half

whats the general going rate to back half a unibody car for a ford rear end (either 8.8 or 9 inch) w/ either 4 link or ladder bars. i imagine cage would be put in at this time w/ provisions for a shoot assuming speeds of over 150.

just trying to get an ideal on what it would cost. i would think labor would be more than parts.

what kind of car?

Driving out the door on the proper wheels and tires, with your axle option out with gears axles and possible spool, drive shaft, floor tins, working brakes, most of the time battery mounts???

Lots and lots and lots of variables.

Keeping things minimum spec and not spending much time fitting the cage around trim, I’d say about 25-35 hours on the cage, and possibly 35-45 hours on the back half.

Figure fab shop labor probably around $65/hr

Probably bout 1K in steel

If your going for budget as much as possible prepare to be in the 5K range, and the sky is the limit from there.