Basil... Motorsports?



oh… ok…

o i c

What do you guys think? Dirtbikes, ATV’s, motorcycles, trailers, watercraft… the whole shot.

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lol by the way

That worked out really well for Ray Laks Motorsports

Not to mention the economy is still shitty and there are a number of other well established companies in this area.

If you guys can pull it off :tup: but seems :tif:

I was thinking the same exact thing…

My dad bought his motorcycle from Ray Laks… a week later they closed shop. He was not a happy man. I also have to agree with you, there are 3-4 very well established companies around and I dont see this going well. Best of luck though!

As long as your business plan is to sell to and finance 18 year old punks with a “big” down payment who you know are going to stop making payments then repo the item and repeat process to the next stupid 18 year old. That seems to be the way motorsports stores work.

:bigtup: to competition!

Can it be used in an already existing space to reduce overhead?

There is one decent powersport dealer in all of WNY. The rest of them are jokes in size, inventory and price.

Pioneer is pretty large.

And on the brink.

Too many loans to 18 year olds with bad/no credit?

They seem to do decent business, no?

Bingo. Not to mention I don’t have to buy anything I don’t want for a price I don’t want which means I sell it for a low price. No franchises involved, no additional space, no additional people… do the math.

No additional people?

Don’t all the other shops service all the things they sell? Have parts in stock?

Sure you guys can make it work.

I think it would work if you used a single existing dealer as an add on.

IMO, Hebelers or bust.

Bob Weaver is overpriced and annoying.

Freewheeling was cool, but had dumb employees.

Ray Laks was like walking into a used car lot and getting bugged immediately about new crap.

Pioneer is too far.

Looks like they’re on the brink… With the huge renovation to the outside and all…

And Hebelers is alright I’ve dealt with then for the better part of the last 10 years and know the family personally and still choose to buy online or go somewhere else than go there.

I started buying from Pioneer when I bought my first sled. Still remember how Terry and his wife went WAY above and beyond with customer service. Colley’s in Hamburg closing up the sled portion of their business. Appolson’s is a tea bag. Hamburg Honda opened up Arctic Cat snowmobiles with their motorcycles sales. Seems like things are shaking up. Would not want to own a business based heavily on the weather. Not after last season. Hope that weather pattern was just a hiccup. If you think you can make it work, who am I to stop you? Call me me you need interior renovation / conversion.