before i go spend almost 2 grand

on this katana i kinda like, the only thing thats holding me back is

is there any way i can turn it into:

would this be possible on a bike with a skinnier rear tire without SERIOUS modification? i hate the look when crotch rockets are like that, it looks rucking fetarded

The tread on the tire is what is holding you back on the decision?

buy new tires? I recommend changing both front and rear together if you go that route.

i think hes looking for a fatter/wider rear tire… or maybe i read it wrong

You can get better tires than those, I’d recommend the stock sizes though…Or a recommended size for the wheel width.

What size is that tire?

You don’t like wet traction?

Wait. Your problem is that you want a wider looking tire? On a Katana?

Holy hell tell me that’s not your problem.

Thats gotta be the front tire…

what are you trying to accomplish? are you asking can you scrub in a tire that is skinny? absolutely… would I recommend you do it on the tires that you posted… absolutely not… buy the katana, learn on it, upgrade when you get more serious about it…


btw, d208’s are horrible tires

$2000 katana = learner bike.

buy it, ride it, learn, sell, ???, pancakes.

Katanas have a 150 rear stock. You can fit a 160 without any modification, and some 170s but it depends on the tire. If you want to run a 180 tire, you’re gonna need a rf900 swing arm. They can be had for cheap and it’s an easy swap. That being said, Just buy the bike to learn on then worry about modifications if you want. Check out for information.

You want to make a front tire look like a rear tire? Probably going to be hard.

yeah i probably should of put this in the desciption, i want a wider rear tire

For looks?


Don’t be a ricer


Stick with the recommended sizes or like b5a4 said, sometimes you can go up one size. But handling/adhesion isn’t necessarily going to be better with a wider tire.

For that bike, and it’s purpose for you (to learn on), I would stick with the 150 rear…

Just get some better ones. Replace both at the same time.

You can get pilot powers in a 150/60 rear if you want a performance tire. Metzler m-3’s too. Dunlop qualifiers start at 160 I believe.

its for looks, the fronts been replaced, so have the brakes, the rears gettin there, it doesnt have to be super fat, but i dont want it to look like a tricycle tire

lol and to think i was depressed when i noticed 87fox had a 190 tire and i have a 180. Ah well i’m over it!

wow, I gave the op too much credit. I figured he wanted to get a new swingarm and wheel so he could run current size tires (big advantages, not looks. turn in is way different, plus you can get take-offs).

ah well

190/60 takeoffs ftw… :wink: