Best audio place in Albany?


Looking to possibly get my Infiniti’s system redone but too lazy to do it myself.

What’s the best ‘bang for the buck’ shop around here that can replace all the speakers, replace the sub, make sure it all works with the Bose head unit, and also sound deaden some spots?


I would say boomer mclouds. They have an Albany shop. But for that I’d say go to clifton park an see Matt at the boomers there he can do some amazing work. I’ve seen him do just about everything from vettes gtrs Porsches. I’ve also spent over 5k myself in the store never once had a problem with any of the workmanship an they back everything they do.


I would find somehwere else besides boomer…



Why what’s wrong with them if it’s a complicated job an you want it done right that’s a guarantee going there.


lol, WTF is that?

Where would you go, dawg? I also may have work for KKD down the road and I really need to go see Kenny about getting a remote start in my car finally. I’ve flaked on him twice now…but I’ve paid off all of my debt so I’m a little more willing to spend money now to do the things that I’ve wanted to do for a while.


kenny would be the one to go to if you want to have it done with the best workmanship possible. he could just do it all at once, and he has the same accounts as boomer so he can get everything they have as well


Oh he does audio too? Didn’t realize that. I’ll have to shoot him an email then.


I heard Circuit City does some mean installs for a good price.


Holy throwback, dude. Don’t even have that car anymore lol.


What do you miss more, that car or Circuit City?


Car. It was pretty nice.


It was clean.

Purchased first TV (20" tube) from CC for $99. Good times.

Also turned their stereos on full blast playing Project Pat while hood rats piled in from the bus stop/walmart entrance. Also good times.


Hahah. That place has gone through so many stores…it’s cursed. CC, two go-kart places and now TJ Maxx which will close in about 3 months lol.