Top notch audio shop??

Audio Obsessions only does home audio now wtf??

Looking for some competition quality speakers/amp as well as to put my sub and amp back into my new car.

Don’t want some jerk of shop or best buy shit


WTF??? really??

yupp tried getting ahold of them for 2 weeks, every time I stopped by the shop it was closed

Today there was a sign up that said home audio ONLY:Idiots

Contact Kenny, he is excellent. Fair prices and highly reccomended.

I make custom sub enclosures for subarus
08+ sedan

do it yourself you lazy fuck

Who is this guy and where is his shop

Already have one

You remember what a fuckin pain a remote start install is right?? Not doin that shit for the sti I could do the audio install but need someone to tune it, not sure what best speaker/amp combo is either

At the moment, the only quality stuff I can get is Alpine. I can’t believe A.O. went home only… that really sucks for this area (good for me I guess, but they were the ONLY shop I would ever recommend in the area).

Paying to have remote start installed on a car that’s not driven in the winter is like ordering a $50 twin lobster dinner and eating it at your desk.

Boomer McLoud? Go on Google and read the reviews lol. It’s not rocket appliances BRIAN.

boom boom

because cars never get hot in the summer.

Wow shocked Audio Obsessions went home only.

Roll the god damn windows down for 30 seconds. :skid

deal with the cold for 30 seconds :skid

see how that works. this might make your brain explode but people do things differently then you, it doesn’t make them wrong.

Suck a bag of dicks

I just put a new set of snows on it last weekend im driving that bitch you’re the one that bitch out when it was snowing. Its not just a remote start its a better security system also along with a 2-way pager etc.

Not interested in Alpine other then possibly a 7" head unit. Was looking at Hertz Hi energy setup

Shit. That sucks about Audio Obsessions. I always went to them. Espically for my remote starters. I am a big fan of Compustar. Idk if anyone else around here does that brand…

Kenny sells compustar