best job evar?

so this guy in the office, actually has an S13, is telling me this story of a friend of his who is a private eye…

bascially people hire her to sneak around and follow people or follow up on stuff, you know how it goes.

anyways, this woman calls up and is all flustered because her husband spends too much time watching porno rather than being with her.

so you know what she wants the PI to do for her?

she takes a PICTURE of the video cases and send teh picture to the PI. She then pays hte PI $70 per hour to go rent them and to WATCH THE PORNOs and to write her a report on what her husand is watching.

yes… you read right… the PI is GETTING PAID $70 PER HOUR TO WATCH PORNO.

there are 3 DVD’s i guess… lets say there is 4-5 hours of content, fuck… i’ll take $350 to watch some skin flicks for the afternoon.

and she gets to expense the rentals i imagine.

i’m trying to get the titles of the movies through my colleague… like if it’s beastiality then it makes sense… but if it is basic ass to mouth stuff then what a loonie this woman is… just suck his dick and it’ll all get better.

LOL wow I wish I got cases like that dammit

Bruce used to do that shit. Not the porn…the PI business…well most likely the porn too I guess.

:rofl: well played, brother.

Although I couldn’t imagine bruce being in the porn business.

How about 4 hours of 2 girls 1 cup? Or gay porn… 2 guys 1 cup?

hahaha this is funny, Just to many jokes.



…what ever happend to Bruce anyway? …He bought a R32 and then he disapeared!

he got too cool for us ever since he hopped on the skyline bandwagon

I actually bumped into him at BK on Hwy 7 and Woodbine on my lunch last week. He now has a second Skyline and is a manager at Tiger Direct, or something like that.

PS. He now has a second son, he’s already two!

yeah… i miss bruce, he was the first person that I met on SON, and then I met all the east end guys like Cal, and Jon… cool guys.

I guess bruce is too good for us eh. haha

who the hell is bruce?