Best paint job EVER


i would have kept the homer simpson on

:lol: at work and im now getting looks

that ticket is priceless :lol:




“Eclipses own me”


Roffle. I always wnated ot make a dry erase car and doodle on it when I was bored, which is often.


under that chalk is a very clean flat spray job too! :tup: awesome

edit: I just noticed he chalked his intercooler to match the pattern too… hahaha

Very cool idea

looks pretty good actually…id rock it

I just thought about this a little, how many people would draw “rocket ships” on cars. Probably not such a good idea when you think about it.

haha thats awesome

that’s insane, im guessing that cost alot. and that parking ticket is funny shit!

The paint is like $13/qt. Rustoleum flat black chalkboard paint, available at home depot and such. :tup:

you can get it in spray cans too. cheap and easiest way to get a smooth spray can paint job.

HOLY SHIT! ok ill give her pints for origionality…thats it though.