best way to polish stainless steel

up until now a friend of mine has been polishing my stainless stuff by hand.

i bought him a belt sander but am having a really hard time finding high grit belts for it.

there has to be another way.

i’ve seen pickling pastes but it doesnt get baller enough… how do peoples get that crazy mirror finish ?

use a wire wheel to start with

its mostly all by hand finer and finer grit then a really high quality metal polish like mothers

sand and sand and sand and polish

Pros use

A powerful bench buffer
Sisal Wheels
Spiral Sewn Cotton Wheels
Loose Cotton Wheels
Canton Flannel Wheels
and various buffing compounds

there are various wheel or disc mounted abrasives for the rough in as well

nobody it their right mind does stainless by hand… its too hard of a metal

sanding is about the best you can do a good job with then polish by hand

lol…i did…
i did my s/c intake pipe. took it from powdercoated to polished. let me tell you…it was definately a bitch! but done 100% by hand. but your right…its still not “perfect”…thats TOO much work by hand.



pay someone to do it

^^^ LOL

there is no way that little china men are doing this to all the $150 catbacks that are coming out of china these days. they dont get paid that little.

im hearing there are buckets of $600 chemicals that you can buy, you stick the crap in there, leave it for a bit and when you take it out it will reflect your entire soul and all facets of your previous existences.

those are dipped arent they?