Biden Presidency Discussion & Memes (46th President)

Putting both memes and discussion in here until it gets to the point that things need to be separate.

So whatcha want to chat about? Lots of executive orders today. But the biggest thing that matters right now is will the filibuster stand in the senate? What are your predictions?


I just want to be the first to post:

2020 was a good year in retrospect, wasn’t it?

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My fav today were the Bernie memes.

I like the new meme thread lol


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Apparently Seattle is kicking off the peace and unity tour already.


Yeah, it’s only violence and rioting if you attack the political class. If you do that we’ll bring in the full power of social media, the FBI and the military to identify and charge you. As long as you’re only burning down or looting private businesses and attacking private citizens it’s really not a problem. Take a podium from the Capital though, or an envelope from Nancy’s desk and it’s treason and you’re going to prison forever.


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I guess I now have a method to share IG memes I come across without too much pain.



i was worried there were going to be pro-biden memes in here… thank goodness they probably dont really exist.

Even back in 2016, they were not pro-binen. Yes I actually tried to look some up.
The only ones I recall, were anti-trump.


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what about a Biden non-meme discusson?