Big Reds other red car MK2 content

im bored at work, ill just post this for now :nod
and yes it has my ugly ass honey comb wheels. :lol


:wow Where do you work!? Can I work there?

you want to work at a mitsu dealer?

sorry to hear that. :crackup

looks good dave.

hey im not gonna lie im not a mitsu fan, but i love my job ;D

no i know, i think nicole thought that pic was taken at your work.

looks like it was when the p.o. owned it by the pennsylvania stickers on the windshield.

you are correct, i could go take a pic now but its drity as shit, and there would be eclipses in the backround so ill pass. :lol

You got it. I saw a shop full of VW/Audi and that + what he said… yeah. I guess I just got over excited. :tong

Car is sweet! Saw it at Sutters the other night.

this is getting sooooo old now…

car looks good.

For real.

Did you buy it off Tarik?

nope i got it form a guy in Pittsburgh named Greg

your pic is dead.

No its not…

That’s Hisham’s car anyways your thinking of and it’s 5 lug.

nevermind, the pic just refuses to load for me.

ill post up some current ones today, its actually nice out for one

Hisham isnt selling his, and his has fresh paint too.

not to mention hisham had dual rounds the last time i saw it.

dont have time to upload the rest now but heres one