Bike inspections?

Just have a few questions on bike inpsections. Mines not due til April of 08’, I just want to plan a head. Where would be a decent place to get my inspection at? My buddy works a Griffin’s, so I was thinking of going there. I ride a 95’ CBR600F3, so I know on the older bikes it’s easier to find things to fail for. The bike has flush mounted turn signals, but the back ones are just wire tied under the rear tail. I am nbot sure if it would fail for that. The kid I got the bike from just tossed a sticker on it. So I am not exactly sure if it would have failed before. Anyone know where I could just find a list of what the inspector has to look at? Thanks, sorry for the noob questions. has most of the information you will need to find what is required for it to pass inspection (IE be on the road). I’ll look it up for you when I get back home.

As far as inspections themselves, I’ve been pulled over 3 times on the bike with the inspection half a year over due, and never once have they even looked at it. As long as you have your licence and insurance, it’s the last thing on their minds with bikers. If it becomes too much of a pain for you to pass your bike I wouldn’t worry about it personally.

NYS inspections are becoming more stricter as well, I’m not sure if they passed the law yet, but the new inspection law was going to make fender eliminators, flushmounts, and non see through windscreens illigal, which pretty much rules my bike out.

And don’t be sorry for n00b questions, thats what we are here for, plus the bike section needs a little love lately.

F3’s are great bikes, I considered purchasing a Smokin Joe’s a little while ago.

Thanks for the info vlad. I just don’t want any issues with the bike. It’s bad enough I am still riding around with just my permit.

I plan on picking up the smokin joes fairings/graphics for my bike this winter :thumb

Make sure you have a license plate light on it if you don’t already. It’s hit or miss where you go to get the bike inspected. Flush mounts i’ve never really heard someone not getting passed for having them. Make sure your mirrors are on too and obviously have decent tread on your tires too and you really shouldn’t have a problem.

I have talked to an a friend of mine who happens to be an Albany Sheriff. I mentioned the whole inspection part by him, and he told me that his bike was uninspected since '04.

As long as everything else is in check: Insurance, licence, registration, odd’s are they will never even look at inspection.

Cool, thanks fellas. My actually still does have the lic. plate light. The plate sits farther back though (not in the stock location). Still shouldn’t have to much of a problem then.

not only that, but honestly, its a risk for them to check it.

95 percent of the inspection stickers on bikes is on the fork stanchion. the cop has to actually bend over and peek up to look at it. most of the time, its not worth their effort. the only time they will really give you a hard time, is when they are looking to give out tickets, mostly when your parked and they can spot things.

and even if they do give you a ticket all you really have to do is to go and get it inspected and the ticket goes away

Good info, thanks guys!