Bing, the news in your country is hilarious


Three arrests in multi-million dollar maple syrup theft:

I can’t even read the title without laughing.


Canada Hunts Maple Syrup Thieves



We have strict syrup laws in the US, must be why this doesn’t happen here.




They’re considering banning all vehicles capable of carrying over 30 gallons of maple syrup. If you’re going to commit such a heinous crime you’re going to need to take the time to take multiple trips, or bring more than one car.



NO ONE is going to infringe on my constitutional right to keep Maple syrup in my home or to keep Maple syrup on my person. We’ve fought syrup control laws in the past to keep our freedoms.


I have multiple gallons of maple syrup in my house. The containers are SUPER easy to get. I didn’t need ID or anything!


At least things like this don’t happen in the US




Get off your high horse, it happens in your country too, despite all your strict syrup laws.


They can take my syrup just as soon as they take it from all the criminals!




I just sent sent gallons of this stuff to my customers and distributors all over our country, you can’t stop me!


They make this shit by the ton in NY. In fact there is a festivals promoting it!!!

Check out the “Maple Queen”…


We’ve grown up in a culture that sells and promotes maple syrup. It’s only natural that eventually the syrup will fall into the wrong hands.


I just go out back and slap a few taps into 15 or so trees and just wait a few weeks. Then i cook the shit out of it. That’s how you get the good stuff. Let’s see them catch me!


The real problem is these nuts living out in the woods making their own maple syrup. When will we get serious about them?




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