Bing, the news in your country is hilarious


Awaiting Canadian response…


My ffl won’t even touch this stuff.


Maple syrup is for pussies. Smuggling maple candy across the border is where the big bucks are at.


Guys, according to our maple syrup laws, barrels made prior to 1994 are grandfathered in. As long as they don’t have bayonets on the ends.


For now. I have a feeling things may be changing soon. :eek:


If we made it illegal for fat people to get maple syrup then we wouldn’t have fat people.


How dare the government dictate that I cannot own or possess such things in my home. I have every right to arm myself with such for emergencies. God forbid some strangers arrive at my house unannounced. How ever will I properly protect myself from the embarrassment of not being able to serve them some delicious maple syrup. Absolutely Un-Canadian.


If it wasn’t syrup, it’ll be something else. Considering how they just did in Twinkies.


Who the fuck is going to eat dry pancakes…WHO?


^That’s a horrible analogy though.

You can ban all the sweet sugary products you want, but at the end of the day, fat people are going to get fat.

I heard in Japan they banned maple syrup. They only have 11 fat people.


Do you know how many fat people we have in this country, and how many maple syrup thieves? You can’t legislate for the freak outliers that don’t have the common decency to respect our syrup laws…it’s not like they are purchasing their maple syrup legally from the market anyway.




So we should let the fact that it won’t work and makes no sense mean that we should do NOTHING?! Think of the children!




This is why they don’t have maple syrup in schools anymore.


You can’t get nearly as fat nearly as fast with other things as you can with maple syrup.


You guys are seriously overlooking the poor trees. They bleed from the inside out for our addiction and no one does anything about it…!


Calories in ONE serving of Twinkie - 150.

Calories in ONE serving amount of maple syrup - 825.

I think we know the real culprit here.


I think parenting is to blame here. It’s easily accessible and most parents encourage it. Kids grow up, don’t have money and resort to stealing maple syrup to fill a void. A thick, maple-y, slow-drizzling hole in their life.


God. Before we took him out of our supermarkets, no one even thought about stealing maple syrup.