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Ban the taps!!!



You’re telling me that if just ONE PERSON had some maple syrup, those waffles and pancakes wouldn’t be dry? This could have been prevented.


I seen it in a movie and thought it was cool.

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Irrespective of what your ‘opinion’ is there is a clear correlation between the maple syrup theft in the US vs. all other westernized nations and the per capita incidents of this nature.


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Now 10. One had a heart attack this morning. News 4 reports Brown Chiari law firm has been retained in a suit against the global maple syrup industry.




be careful with your stats… even though there’s 825 calories in one serving of maple syrup, the frequency of ingestion by overweight consumers is only .00008% compared to .002475% ingesting of twinkies…se even though they are more dangerous for your health, they account for much less of the overall problem of obesity than twinkies…which is why I cannot support a maple syrup ban.


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This is not the direction I expected this thread to go in…and I’m OK with that.


What about the syrup show loopholes? Surely there’s a better way!


What we really need to regulate is the cap on these containers. For a recreational user, the ability to drench your pancake with syrup is just completely unnecesary.

It’s time for change.


So it’s just the number of servings that qualify syrup as dangerous or illegal in Erie County? How few servings? 5, 10?


I just think it’s ridiculous that you can purchase maple syrup all willy nilly at maple syrup conventions without a background check.


I blame Hollywood for glamorizing the use of syrup in children films:


Hurt by sugary tar, call William Mattar.

Your statistics are flawed, you failed to factor in the median basal metabolism.

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AHAHAHAHA, this thread is awesome!



Are we classifying this syrup as pancake and recreational use or are we considering it assault style syrup? Is it the number of bottles per case that’s the issue or how quickly the shelves can be reloaded between cases? If it’s military grade syrup then that’s another discussion entirely.


Bing? Your take on the syrup crisis in North America?



2 things.

Firstly, when the identities of the thieves are released they will be Americans because we do not have syrup thieves in Canada. Or to be more specific, the Canadian syrup thievery index, on a per capita basis, is lower than that of the U.S.'s by a factor of about 4. The reason for this, irrespective of what your opinion is on the matter, is that in Canada Maple Syrup is a part of our cultural heritage and such a natural part of our daily lives that it must be capitalized when the two words are used in conjunction with one another. Even if you’re just speaking them they must be capitalized with emphasis on the first syllable.

Second, one thing being overlooked here are the rules and regulations around the ownership, storage and maintenance of Maple Syrup and the role they played in the incident. It’s natural for individuals to have small quantities of Maple Syrup on hand for the purpose of self-sustenance. But why was it necessary to have this much Maple Syrup on hand? There is no way that it was stored purely for self-sustenance purposes. These people had far too much on hand and it created the opportunity for this incident to occur. Having that much Maple Syrup on hand is about as ridiculous as a 52 year old single mother owning an AR-15 assault rifle.

If the Maple Syrup code could be amended to restrict the amount of Maple Syrup that one could keep on hand as well as identifying specific guidelines around having the Maple Syrup locked up and away from pancakes we could drastically reduce the occurrence of Mass-Maple Syrup thefts.