Bing, the news in your country is hilarious




if they change the caps for a 10dps (drops per sqeeze) nozzle, will pre-2012 10dps nozzles be grandfathered? can I purchase recycled pre-ban nozzles to save for use on future containers of syrup so I may continue to enjoy the added capacity?

I’m in fucking tears laughing at the level of trolling in here hahahaha.


“Mother Nature is not generous every year, so we have our own global strategic reserve.”
I can’t believe the Canadian government is quietly filling the reserves and nobody says anything.

There is no need for government agencies to have enough syrup to feed every Canadian citizen twice.


Our military has access to as much maple syrup as they want, am I correct?


I just saw a scary blog post about how the social security administration just placed a massive bulk order of syrup because they know there will be anarchy when they start killing syrup from the menu at old folks homes.




I think we all know what the real problem here is, it’s those damn video games. I mean, look at this shit!


Nobody has even mentioned the counterfeit syrup problem.


What about purchasing pre-refined product that hasn’t been fully made ready-to-use? Can I buy that and then purchase the necesary tools/equipment required to finish it to an edible state for my own personal use?


You have no leg to stand on by rating the amount of syrup that is released. One drop too many is still only one drop. Even if the bottle holds 1,000 drops a person can be killed by…Just. One. Drop.


I think this is getting blown way out of proportion here. If we are simply talking about using syrup for hunting purposes, say wild grain pancakes, then no one should be worried about syrup quantities, amounts, capacity, etc. It’s when it’s used for criminal means is when there’s a problem.

And it’s apparent that the media has already seized the opportunity to create an air of fear:

Notice the pistol grip handle on this bottle. Is this being used for anything other than what it was intended?


randomly came across this just now


Guess pancakes could be classified as “snack food”. :slight_smile:


Bing, I think your country is trying to redirect attention away from themselves to Germany:

Thieves steal 5 tons of Nutella -


I don’t even know if I shoul be posting these pics, but my friends dad has a small maple syrup set up for personal use. I really hope the government doesn’t check this forum, and raid him, but here are some pics from the weekend

If anyone is interested in making their own syrup set up, message me, and ill set you up with people who can help :snky:


has he been included in the national long-form maple-syrup producers registry?


Pancake meet?


saw this one today


this true but you only really notice it when you have a few of them and are handling them… like if you’re counting them and rubbing them together you can definitely smell it.

i assumed it was an anti-fraud measure.


I could think of worse smells.