Bing, the news in your country is hilarious

If you want to see some examples of how to make god charts and graphs, this could be a good resource.

In the MbA stats class @ UB, charts and graphs literally added or subtracted to our presentation grades and the prof loved this site.

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What a weird way for Canada to attempt to bring down housing prices…

“we just want to get married”

Not sure why this didn’t preview

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Canada has gone further, insisting that judges explicitly consider race when meting out justice.

white peepo go to jail fo mo

yeah that is going to happen to you guys too tho

I’m so sick of cancel culture. Freedom of speech, say what you want.


Top story in our govt news today…

These matters are certainly in-line with my priorities. I would begin to say they keep me up at night.

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Speaking of priorities

She obviously thinks she’s in grandma’s will…

lol wow

We’ve come 360… i think MAID is a great idea for alot of people… like a lot alot.

If they made pamphlets i might go door to door a bit.


I think we should adopt it for all US politicians after a certain age, call it a government benefit.

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yeah most people don’t know that the whole thing was a fake.

I thought it was real until seeing that. Literally need to question everything nowadays.