BINGS Meet orders, pick-ups, specials...

I’ll post special pricing closer to the date when i know what i will have in stock for the event.

For guys coming from out of town, if you want to pick up anything please get in touch with me in advance so that i can be sure to have it for you on the day of.

For anyone that’s been, it’s a hectic day for me so pre-arrangements make everything easier.

It also helps me plan what to actually bring with me.

When is the meet anyway? I might be interested in your sideskirts


Where is the meet?


Think he said “When”. Its May 1st SpecialEdition.

Also Bing, how much for a SS coolant overflow tank

Ah, i see… sorry.

Same reaction though… it’s in the friggin title banner.

i’m sold out of the coolant tanks and not sure that i’ll have more for the meet.

sr vented coil pack cover. please and thanks.

i’ll have those there.


may 1st ill be there. Also bing i didnt see any banner thats why i asked. Ill hit you up for the skirts if i decide not to go with a kit i want.

I’d like to order the “Screaming little Bing girl” voice.
They in stock?

V and K are R&D’iing it right now