Blackberry Storm

Like a cell phone antenna and a dock.

I just made the switch from sprint to verizon and got the BB storm. All in all i like it so far, right out of the box the settings SUCK!!!

Its good that u can go in and mess with them after a few hours the landscape keyboard was much easier to use then when i first opened it.

^^^^^^HTC Touch Pro is my new company phone. Can’t wait! The thing is bad azz.
Although it always takes a little while to adapt and I understand that, in the few times I’ve played with the Storm, I just didn’t like it. I need actual keys to press.

Touch Pro has the best of both worlds.

Clicky Dicky

just played with the storm last night… holy **** is that thing slow. I do like that the screen is actually a button. that makes it nice for consistency

my cousin said the same thing, it was slow switching from phone to email etc etc.

Verizon just released a firmware update that supposedly fixes this and speeds it up quite a bit.

Im waiting out for an andriod phone that comes onto verizons network. I have no real reason to switch to ATT right now just to get the G1. Supposedly Motorolla will have phones out next year with the OS on them.

yeah the firmware helped…wish the assbag would pay for my iphone on ebay already so i can go order mine

wow dude calm down, it just ended last night…:rofl:

dudes from nigeria…doubt he’ll pay or just try to scam me

well that’s your fault then, should have set up for NO international shipping other then Canada

There is a huge scam (IDK if it typically involves Nigerians or not) going on ebay right now involving the sale of cell phones. There is a huge market for used cell phones. The company’s that are selling used phones create false user accounts and bid up each others, and individuals, auctions to higher amounts so that their phones sell. Try and set pre-bidding requirements in your auction to make it so that people can’t bid with less than 10 feedback without contacting you prior to their bid (within the first sentance of the auction details). That way if you get someone with 5 feedback or even 0 feedback you can cancel that bid b/c you know they didn’t try and contact you; thus probably a scam. If they genuinely wanted the phone and had low feedback they would have contacted you prior or at the same time as the bid. I got ****ed so many times on ebay trying to selling phones…sometimes listing 2 or 3 times prior to the actual sale. Luckily ebay does reimburse for deadbeat buyers - but it is still frustrating and a waste of time.

Goodluck next time around. Search google, there is more on this in articles online.

Also, if your auction closes wayyyy higher than expected - probably a scam too.

yep scam…got a couple emails from “paypal” saying i recieved payment of $650 dollars even though the auction ended at $512 and ebay or paypal dont show i got the money…

I was getting spammed left and right by spammers on my gmail account a few months back. Someone bid on an auction and ironically had a similar name then mine(or they just created it it)… I kept toying around with them, sending them goatse images and such. Amusing to say the least.

i still cant stand the scroll ball on every other blackberry, i might check this due to the lack of one. And My Q was a POS till i updated the firmware. Usually takes a while to work the kinks out of these kind of phones.

X2 Google > *

I’m waiting for Android on another handset than the G1, it just doesn’t tickle my fancy however if I wasn’t locked down for another two years with my Blackberry I’d put up with it in a heartbeat for Android.

Just saw this today

Thats the unlocked price.

the touch pro can run android from what ive heard.

i got the storm over a week ago, I have no problems with it. where work the battery life sucks if i leave the wireless connection on. So i have to turn that off unless i want to use it. Not blaming the phone, just the ****ty area.

sure its only a matter of time before people get ahold of the OS itself and start flashing phones.