Blackberry Storm

Played with one today for about ten minutes.

Not impressed. I’ll be keeping my Curve. One-handed web browsing is inconceivable on the Storm.

If you wish Verizon had the iPhone, buy a Storm, but I’m pretty sure people who currently have Blackberrys will be disappointed.

I have a voyager, the storm is tempting but I think you have to have a “blackberry plan” to have one…

went in to get a voyager today… the place was jammed, i was like WTF…saw the storm and looked at the price… needless to say i left with a free voyager thanks to my new every two. this phone does more than enough until i can reach my computer.

blackberrys are for queers that are too gay for an iphone. fags. serious anal banditos.

Iphones are gay, and on a ****ty carrier. GSM call quality is dick.

i was considering the storm, but i dont think i can leave my treo 755. ill be going to the store this week and checking it out.

If it had wifi it would be in my pocket

verizon is going to be getting the HTC Touch Pro soon. wait it out for that and you’ll be happy

aww… no Wifi… everyone beats up on the iphone… can’t believe the new crackberry dosen’t have it and the “queer” iphone does.

unlimited data plan + EVDO renders wifi redundant.

and blackberrys have picture messaging. :finger2:

this is why I want wifi on my phone:

so you have to pay an extra $20 to be able to do this. Are you really burning through that many minutes? And don’t you have a company cell phone?

I’m telling all of you, HTC Touch pro can do everything that any blackberry, treo or Iphone can do, it can do it better, and it can do lots more. And you don’t have to have a cock hanging out of the side of your mouth to own one.

Mark being the only exception, because he is a true baller.

Isn’t the htc windows mobile? **** that hassle.

that Touch Pro is supposed to be out today… is the interweb incorrect?

my problem is cell reception in my house, i get little to none when the trees have leaves. If i can route my calls over the internet over my cell phone then my reception problem is solved.

I’m fine in your neighborhood, but the beginning and end of Sloop get me every time. Especially the Rochester end.

If your not a total douche, the iphone has picture messaging also. I have no problems with it.

My buddy just got the storm today… ill have to check it out and see whats up

neighborhood is not the problem, inside the house is the problem

How about installing a car kit on your living room window?

what do you mean by car kit?