Official BB Crew Thread

Let’s get a reference going for the new and old Blackberry users. We can make a one-stop-thread to review some applications and/or share current BB news.

Phone: Curve 8310 (ATT)
PIN: 2082BA2F


Google Chat - (tup)
Google Maps - (tup gps enabled)
Google Sync - (just playing with it now)
Google Calenders - (just playing with it now)
Myspace - (meh)
Facebook - (sucks hard right now)
Yellow Pages - (very convenient)
AIM - (never actually used it)
Viigo - (My favorite app. I just wish there was more support for the local feeds. :buffalo: )

What are you running on yours? I’ll review some of these later, if needed…

Top 20 apps according to mashable. :tif:

Phone: Curve 8330 VZW
PIN: 3026B5Ca

Google maps
BB maps (GPS enabled)

sticky’d cause I’m a humper.

sticky’ed cause I’m a BB humper.

Not in the crew but my buddy just picked up a storm and I have to say, BB did it again imho. This is coming from an Android humper too…

Phone: 8703e
PIN: 31817787

Opera Mini
Google Maps

Reason for '03 phone -> Work assigned/paid for. No choice :frowning:

Phone: Storm 9530 (VZW)
PIN: 304A438A


AP News
Google Talk

your PIN can be found under Options/Status and is used for PIN messaging / BBM.

And bro, '03 called, they want their blackberry back. you need an update.

How do you like this, honestly? I’m probably going to try it out soon…

:tup: Going to DL it now.


What’s your process for flashing your OS? I follow this pretty much exactly.

I did that step by step. The last one was super fast too.

Crackberry is so awesome and so awful at the same time.

I have been having serious issues with desktop manager. I upgraded to the most current version too.

I was able to free up a substantial amount of memory last time I upgraded by deleting useless crap. def. worth the extra few steps.

I’ve read a few of your posts on the storm, but what’s your overall opinion? I receive ~200 emails a day, and respond to most, also send ~100-300 BBMs/sms a day. How is it for heavy corporate users?

Once you get used to typing on the screen it’s super easy. I fire off txt messages, emails, bbms all day long on it and I never really have an issue. It really is super dependent on the OS though. The version that I am using now is quite quick and definitely easier to type on than the ‘official’ .75 release. My CFO also has one and kind of likes it, but he doesn’t use his as heavily as I do. Also, I can’t stand using the full keyboard that comes up when you turn the unit sideways. I LOVE the SureType keyboard and use it constantly. Again, that is personal preference. I had each of my executives here use a Storm for a week and the results were mixed. Some loved it and some hated it. To my surprise, the execs that were more tech savvy didn’t like it and the ones that aren’t tech savvy adored it. Very strange. Verizon has a 30 day money back guarantee so I just tell everyone to try it for themselves to see if they like it. As for me, you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands. I love it.

thats another thing. I went from a pearl to the curve and dont know if I could go back to suretype. I will have one once they have some available for marketing, but right now, big red is buying up all the stock. I hope to have one for my trip to spain in feb, but I dont even know if I will be able to put it on my plan, seeing as I have an old employee plan and cant change any features (and I believe this requires a global feature).

Rage/hypeville/other SD VZW crew, if you see this chime in if Storms require the global pay as you go feature on the account.

They don’t require the global feature but if you’re going to Spain, you’re going to need it.

I had a 7100 and a Pearl awhile ago and loved the SureType method. Then switched to WinMo temporarily and had to use a full keyboard. Hated it. So glad to be back on SureType.

yea, I’m either going to grab one of the unlocked N95/96’s here and get an att demo line for it, or get a local sim, or just get one of my 8830’s turned on with a demo line.

me wondering about the global feature is really just if I will be even able to use the storm or not.

I wouldn’t go any other way. I love it, even on my 8703e with slow as balls internet.

I have it set to show the full browser window really teenie and I select where I want to zoom in as the page loads. I have a thumb wheel so I needed something like that to navigate without wanting to slit my wrists.

Opera Mini is free… try it. :slight_smile:

The phone is assigned to me by work and paid for by them too. I had no choice, and even offered to pay them the extra $30 to get an 8830. They said “This is what you’re allowed and what we have in stock for you” so… 8703e it is.

I want a thumb button and mouse cursor damnit! The thumb wheel and internet speed/technology on this phone sucks :frowning: The 8830 is so much faster on the VZW network than my 8703e! /rant

first barackberry 8100 aka the pearl.

current barackberry the flip.