BMW Ultimate Drive

I just got the letter.

Monday, August 29th, 2005

Who wants to goes :slight_smile: I want to go. But I’m 19. I guess I’m not allowed to drive at 19, but I figured since they sent it I would make a post. MAYBE I could ride with somebody of age. :slight_smile:


how old do u have to be anyway…i’m guessing 21?

Hmmm, Z4 3.0… Could be fun.

Yes ma’am.

i wanna drive an e46 damnit…LOL

Tough shit you get th drive all of the ugly ducklings. Maybe you’ll fall in love and go “well she has a great personality.”

this sucks… my area is allready full … shitty

i might be working there for it, driving the cars to the next location. C’mon guys… you support breasts any other day, come out and support the lumpy ones. They want you to drive the cars, drive them hard, rack up miles, and do it all without a salesman in the car with ya… every mile donates money towards breast cancer.

^^^so how do we go about joinging this…and driving the e46…:slight_smile: