bought a new phone.

it’s kinda cool. it has a qwerty keyboard. and text messaging. stepping up from monochrome. it’s not the best phone, but for 50 bucks? win.

But i cant get the fucking goddamn fucking names to add to my fucking buddylist on aim… it says “unknown description” what the fuck does that mean… might a swell say “pc load letter”

now you can text your myspace ho’s at twice the speed

i have read that there is a 30 buddy limit on that phone. that was on a cell phone forum though, so i don’t know how true it is.

nice phone though.

maybe mine has a zero buddy limit?

you have to be friends with the person in REAL LIFE in order to put them on your buddy list… myspace buddies do not count.

The phone knows! it won’t let you do it!




^ so you’re saying he can’t talk to anybody? :confused:


you pussies, i am a real life sensation AND an internet sensation. get with it.

not a huge fan… I will stick to my phone and finish watching wedding crashers on it.

too confident, gonna jinx yourself man

next thing you know your gonna wake up next to a man and a fatty with no recollection of what happened and the dudes gonna be like

“your such a sensation newman!”


wow 50 bux…Not bad…how you get that deal…?
I should be getting a new one soon from cingular…I get to upgrade every year, and its usually 50 bux too that i pay…I want to get that blackberry shit or the gray one that look like it…lol…I suck dont I? lol

i thought it was pretty cool when you quickly showed me last night when you and walker stopped by my work :slight_smile:

only $50??? not bad!

you bastard. you wait until the day after i work with you to download it. you knew i wanted to see it :mad: