cool shit! first one?

so did you quit the job you had at a hotel to open this? or doing this on the side?

Pop them collars, make them dollars!

yeah, about a year ago. Worked as a “subcontractor” for a local residential pool company this summer (basically just an employee there). Learned a shit load now I’m flying solo.

Have two commercial pools under signed contract. Have to pick up a check for $1100 for those (10% deopsit) tomorrow. The above check is a deposit for an automated chemical controller. With labor I’ll clear a little over a grand.

Going to look at another pool tomorrow to put down a bid, a meeting with a board on the 27th, have to measure and order a pool cover tomorrow, and going to Atlantic City for a Pool/Spa expo Mon-Wed of next week.



Good shit. I can’t wait to have deposit checks like that for shooting weddings.


bet that feels good. keep up the good work mike

congrats :slight_smile:


Good luck.


cool beans man :cool:

thats awesome Mike! Good work! eye on the prize!

Good job man. Keep making the dream a reality.


Good shit Mikey.