Brampton/Mississauga meet

i know their is 3 gta meets but i was woundering if their is or if we could start a Brampton/Mississauga meet

Well the west end meet IS in mississauga, so if anything just do a brampton one, there was a thread about it here before but I’m not sure if anything worked out or not…

their is alot of members that live in brampton we should start a meet

I’d come out as long as I’m not working.

Meh, just go to the west end meet. Meets are boring and I only can think of a hand full of nice cars in b-town. Team jam really :roll: Most homo vid ever and i didn’t even finish it.

like ^^^he said come out to the west end meet…it takes u what maybe 10 minutes to get there…takes me about 12 lol i timed once…and i live in milton

and im from toronto and i still make it out to sauga every wednesday, if anything there should be a central toronto meet

where exactly is the west end meet