Bringing Life Back to Yellow Headlights

should of used 2000 grit to wetsand, then wax

start sanding some more, i’d start at 800 then work your way up to 2000. I spent 5 minutes a side wetsanding my beater’s headlights with 2000 grit and then hit them with a quick “mild” turtlewax polishing compound. Look good as new. when you polish see if you can get a proper circular polisher but be careful not to burn the plastic

I probably spent 20 mins a side to do all of the sanding and polishing. I will try and get some 2000 grit sand paper, just worried about the scratching near the bottom.

just be careful, use some water/soap in a bucket and dip the sandpaper in it to make it wet every so often. Then put plastic polish and hit it with the polish machine

or just go buy the wetsanding kit at crappy or performance improv, it works alright

I gotta wait a while. Waaay to cold to do this lol.

worked for the chrysler, don’t be afraid to cut deep on the first step, but don’t let it get hot when sanding

simple stuff.

sell your headlight and buy a clear one from ebay lol lol lol lol lol

cant get any better lol lol lol

Thanks dude.

Izzo, If I do that, I gotta drop in a 55 dollar Chinese 10K HID kit. I am like one skin colour away from a Rodney King beatdown these days, so that shit isn’t gonna fly.

Remind me not to get you to sand my headlights. 400 grit? STOP

Break it oen with 800, only if pitted or peeling.
Bust out 1200-1500
finsih with 2000

G3 compound+ 3m wool pad

voila, BNIB headlights. fo free!

if your worried about scratching. Blue masking tape. lots.

i used a kit from canadian tire and it worked very well i think it was like 500 then 1000 then 1500 then 2000 and then a polish of some sort and it worked very well… and i did a rush job out in a parking lot in between class on my dodge Intrepid and it came out pretty good
Sure if you take your time take the lense out completely and do it at home in a well lit area you should be able to make it really nice, then maybe consider a clear plastic film or something to protect the plastic so when it gets messed up u just replace the plastic … i’m sure they sell a product like that ??

Thats how i’ve done my DRL’s and a few sets of headlights, they’ve come out awesome. As long as you work your way up grit by grit, you’ll be taking out the scratches the past sand paper left. G3 and G10 work great, yes. If your brave bust out the orbital polisher, but watch out not to burn on corners or if theirs nubs on the headlights.

don’t skimp, 3m is the best… worth the extra $15 over the ‘hand sand’ alternative kits

I used 3M sand paper. The 400 left scratches that I need to get out. That’s my new problem.


^this actually works…

I will try that when it warms up again. I replcaex my dying bulbs with Nokya Arctic Silvers-gonna finish the driver side tomorrow-and did a one-to-one comparision. I am getting some HID like glare from both headlights, especially the Nokya side.

Up close you can see the improvement though, it’s not that crusty yellow. But you can also see where it looks a bit scuffed. The salt doesn’t help.

this is how you get the best results bring them too my bodyshop pay me too polish them and be happy :stuck_out_tongue: or you can tell me too prep and clear them belive it or not they come out better than new but not with crappy tire clear pm me for info if interested :smiley:

^he’s right

sealing the fresh polish job with a hard clear (epoxy?) is ideal

I may consider it, but I am trying to keep it DIY. I figured no better place to get my hands dirty than on the winter car. Thanks for the offer.