broke rear lower strut mount bolt, now what?

yesterday i did front suspension on car and then try doing rear, one bolt came loose fine, but the other while i was trying to loose it snapped like 1/4 of the bolt. still strong enough to ride car and everything the way it is , but i cant remove the socker and need to get new strut in there/

this is the bolts location this pic dont show the strut

any ideas?? dealing with rusty hondas is really an experience you never forget, is like dealing with every bolt and nut is a battle to the death damn.

so wait, are you saying the bolt snapped inside the bushing that is equivalent to the one being held in the first pic? if thats the case this happened on slomies car when we did his suspension. you have to either get some REALLY good metal drill bits and have at it, or you have to drill all the rubber between the center and the outer ring, and then use a hacksaw/sawzall or something similar to make a cut through one part of the ring so that you can use a screwdriver to separate it from the shockmount.

am not sure if thats going to work, since the strut is on the way.i was looking at it and am thinking of cuting the strut fork and just burning bushing since i got new shock bolt and new strut to replace it with and then just beat the rest of the bushing with hammer or something. but am not sure how hard it would be to cut the strut i imagine that thing must be super strong metal.

naw, ive had to cut a strut mount before. that sounds like a decent plan. do it up.

i did the same thing on 98tegs car a couple years ago…the nut on the hondas for the lower strut mount are tack welded on in a couple spots…i cut the strut off and then burned the bushing out…not too hard

ok so cut that welded bolt off instead of cutting strut fork right. it sounds more logical ill give it shot