Buffalo Chop House?


anyone know the phone #, yellow pages is coming up empty for me… unless they are no more? need to plan a steak lunch for work

Buffalo Chop House!


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EB Greens



yea chophouse doesnt start serving until 4PM damn

does EB greens? maybe i will call them

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I’ve had lunch at EB Greens before.

Way better food too. Chophouse sucks IMO.

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eb green - they said they start serving at 5PM?

i need a good place for a work lunch with executivesss


can i go to this work lunch?

PM sent


Rocky’s Pizza


casino steakhouse mabye?


They start late too.

Ticket Qoutas Hmmm

What company?

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Girls 10 most humiliating things to do in bed

fuck it, goto ponderosa then

First time to the track this year.
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5p, really? :confused:

Go to Hemmingways DT. Good food, laid back, but still nice atmosphere.

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If you are looking for a good steak go to Kennedys Cove in Clarence, not sure when they open though.

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yeah its very good in there!!!


wrd thx guys


“City Grill” on Main in the city

interesting article

head to shanghia reds, not the best steak but no one will probably order steaks for lunch.

I usually take people here, especially if they are from out of town, great atmosphere.

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Idiot arrested for worst YouTube stunt evar!

yeah and dead as hell in there from what i hear.

another place thats going to close soon.

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Shanghai Reds is actually pouring half a million into the facilities, but they still suck.

They are overpriced for a uninspired menu and terrible service.

If you want some amazing food including the best steak in the city, along with great service, head to Fiamma on Hertel. You won’t be disappointed.

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