Buffalo Chop House?


How is the atmosphere at Fiamma?

a quiet place is nice when doing business I also go to the eagle house sometimes.

I actually think the service at shanghias for lunch is top notch, it has received a bad rep. in the past.

It depends on if you are trying to impress someone or not. I deal with executives that are trying to sell to me so where I take them for lunch does not really matter that much


Word, they make a mean Medium Rare…:loopie:


try getting a table on the weekend there

Don’t listen to everyones :blah:


crawdaddys should of never left.


fiammas food is absolutely fantastic. i personally hate the food at shanghai reds




what an eyesore that was, I am pretty sure the Rats made the decision on that place

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shanghai reds is def. nicer. they just need a new menu…or chef…or something .

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not that it really matters for a nice meal, but is chop house and fiamma priced about the same? the womens Bday is coming. how much should I take for a dinner for 2? I know chophouse is like 150-200 for a couple



The food there is consistantly the best Ive ever had, each time I go.

My parents spent almost $300 at Fiamma for what they normally order at Chophouse for around $200, if I remember correctly. The food was good at both though


Ive eaten at many fine restaurants. Fiamma is the shit. I was more then impressed.

Just beware how much u order. 4 of us racked up a pretty hefty bill.


chophouse >>>>>>>> eb greens


I second this statement


Chop House bone-in rib-eye > *.buffalosteaks


Please tell me you’ve tried Fiamma before making this statement…


Fiamma will run about 100-200 per couple depending on wine/drink selection and if you have desert or not.

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I remember eating a HUGEEEE steak at Chop House. It was like 64 ounces or something… do they still have that??


The bone-in ribeye is 32oz, I think the porterhouse is 64.

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