Buffalo Chop House?


Do we have a sticky yet for the sweet deals people find? We should…


Was in town on Sat night and went out to the Chop House for dinner. Great food but super expensive. I also didn’t realize how big it was inside (3floors). The highlight of the night was sitting next to 5 players from the Detroit Red Wings (Zetterberg ,Holmstrom, Filppula, and some other dudes i didnt recognize) While they were leaving they walked by our table and my buddy yells “Lets go Sabres”

I would also like to say that the hostess at the CHop House are FUCKING HOT!

I also waited in the security line at the airport with Matt Barnaby this morning.


nice review lol


I had the 10 ounce filet with lobster tail. Asparagus, mashed potato, wild mushrooms for sides, and some crazy thick slabs of bacon for an appetizer. Everything was cooked perfectly. The portions were nice and big. We also ordered what we thought was a 140$ bottle of red wine Opus. We accidentally ordered Opus One which was $300. For 3 people it was a little over $700 with tip:bloated:


^^^^^ is a ballerrrrr


say whaaaaa??? lol, the meal better suck and fuck for $700.


It was my buddys bday and we all won money at Seneca a few hours before so we decided to get jiggy:mamoru:

I was also curious if anyone knows how much a waiter makes at Chop House… we tipped $150. They gotta be walking out with a grand a night. I might quit my job and work at Chop House. haha

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A guy I know used to work there. He made a lot of cash. He would also leave there with contractor bags filled with top shelf liquor in Figi bottles.

I cannot remember who it was though…? Weird. Must have been a friend of a friend…

On topic: I haven’t been there in over a year. I could go for some Chophouse right now.


T up for the Hottt ass Hostess!!


Lobster is fucking overpriced and worthless…


I need a good chophouse ribeye one of these days.

The SLAMMED thread!

if the hostess you guys are talking about is barbra my old roommate dates her

she’s crazy just like all the rest of them


good god


The one im talking about was a brunette and she kinda looked like Meaghan Fox. Great eyes and a sick body.

Crazy?? like crazy in bed :zong: or just coo coo crazy?

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Is that the bone-in ribeye thats 40ounces or something? My buddy got that one and its a shit load of meat!


calm down :rx3:

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it’s all about the porter house so good from there…


No food is worth $700.

News about HIN

Haha I know right. I’d have to send it back just on principle.

“I’d like to send this back”
“I’m sorry, was there a problem with your steak?”
“No, don’t get me wrong it was delicious. But not $150 delicious.”


im telling amber :wink: lol jk