Buffalo Chop House?


thats like the price of a car, or a honda with a red door haha

Post a PIC of your latest purchase.
Post a PIC of your latest purchase.

word, king crab legs at Fiamma >>>> ****

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Your absolutely correct, except it was a purple door.


either way i’d rather have a car then a lobster. haha

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I’m hoping that I don’t have to pay too much. My wife got me a 50 gift certificate for the chop house, we are going next week sometime.


all depends on how you order really. It could be 100 bucks, it could be 300 bucks.

Wonder if this thing is still around

Well the wife is prego and I don’t drink so that should help…


If you stay away from the fancy wine selection it won’t be that expensive. The wife and I went a few months ago, I got the giant ribeye, she got the filet mignon and we had two of their family style sides. The food total was around $125 but we added on a $100 bottle of wine.

And I can’t say enough good things about their bone in ribeye. That is the best steak I have ever had and I’ve been to a lot of steak places.

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If you want a chophouse atmousphere and food quality for about half the price…try going across the street to DUO.
I worked Valet there and heard nothing but good things.


what a bunch of whiners.

-150 tip
-300 bottle
= 250

250/3 = 83/person for food & appetizers. Thats no outlandish for the quality of the food.



it could be 700 bucks:thankyou:

went to the track and got some new times

I’ve done over $900 for 4 people at a steakhouse in D.C. (Bobby Van’s)

BTW: Chophouse sucks…


So, Is it cool to just blow an retarded amount of money at a restaurant these days?


EXACTLY!.. the wine was overkill. If you exclude the wine you’re looking at a $75 dollar tip which would bring the meal to $325. Regardless of the cost it was a great meal.


:nono: very very cool… we also threw dollar bills (made it rain) from the 3rd floor balcony.

I think its more retarded to spend $6 on food at Burger King because you’re eating a pile of shit!


just making sure its a cool thing to do. I feel as if I’m behind the times I want to make an attempt to keep up with the cool kids.

Thanks for the clarification

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It sucks to be poor doesn’t it?


and UGLY!:slight_smile:

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Lol, because I’m not going to go out and spend 700 bucks at a restaurant makes me poor? Especially in Buffalo. There is nothing in Buffalo worth 700 bucks.

I could see several things I would rather purchase for 700 bucks.


Houses in Buffalo are worth $700 :lolham: