Buffalo Chop House?


^ Yeah, but when you’re not poor you can buy a $233 meal once and a while and still buy those other things you want for $700.


touche sir…


I’d rather have a $700 meal that I will convert to shit than a $700 Buffalo house that already is shit. :wink:

ErnGotti's 08 EvoX



You might want to save that one.:lol:


Maybe he got his stimulus check early :shrug:


lol@this reference to a past thread

ErnGotti's 08 EvoX


What did you do to your car today?

Chino says:
there is a lot of things i want to say
Chino says:


Chino == Ultimate Baller


I see nothing wrong with them indulging in a nice meal. We all spend money and do things other people will think is stupid and pointless so get over it. They had a $700 meal, whatever it was their money that they worked for.


It was actually Seneca Niagara’s money!:wink:


I’ve been to the chophouse many many times. Mark is a gracious host. I ususally have the 3rd floor balcony when out with some friends. The third floor is nice because it is private. Very unique atmostphere.

I think it all depends on what you value. I personally, enjoy going out to a great meal with great food, wine and drinks with friends as often as I can afford to. To me it’s not the amount of money its the experience and enjoying the company of close friends. Life is short so make the most of it, who needs 500 t shirts or tons of other rediculous material things when what you have is sufficient enough. I would rather go to a great dinner with friends than buy the next latest and greatest TV for the sake of keeping up with the jones or because we are conditioned to think we need those things. A good time with friends is priceless to me. Again that’s just my opinion, it is also a good reason why I have not built a fast car of my own in the last couple years. Bikes FTW :stuck_out_tongue:

At the end of the day it just depends on what you value.

by the way, the 16oz filet is a softball of meat that you can cut with a fork I highly recommend that.


I like the way you operate. I bet your the kind of guy who would get bottle service for the simple sake of not having to deal with a crowded bar to focus on good times with friends. If so, I agree.


EVEN BETTER!!! But what im saying is it was yours and thats what you guys wanted to do. It sounds like you all had a good time and im sure it was well worth the money spent.


bleh - see I didn’t want to post in this because I’m going to waste countless minutes of my precious life I will never get back.

I don’t have a problem with the dude and his friends going out and indulging in an expensive meal, I do however have a problem with someone coming and posting it up like they are hot shit lol. It’s just a “HAI LOOK @ ME IM A BALLER POST!!!”, and I think thats lame.


i agree with chino, bragging about spending money is FUCKING LAME.


I see what you are saying. But i wouldnt just jump to think he was trying to brag about his money or whatever. But i shure could be wrong as i dont know him. But yea look at me im mad baller yo shit is weak and it does happen.


The first post didn’t include how much he spent…he replied with the cost later on in the thread…

Don’t see how that is trying to start a thread to say “OMG IM BALLER”

Yet another "run away" idiot.

My intention was never to brag about how much money I spent. I was trying to inform people that:

  1. Chophouse is expensive
  2. I sat next to a few Detroit Red Wings
  3. The food is great
  4. The hostesses are HOT!