Buffalo Chop House?


So when a guy pulls up at a car meet in a sick Honda with all JDM Parts is he not bragging about spending money??

Post a PIC of your latest purchase.
Post a PIC of your latest purchase.
Post a PIC of your latest purchase.

I thought it was all about who is faster :shrug:

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nah, its a honda. its like bragging about a ford.

people with money generally don’t look like they have money. thats why they still have their money.

oh, and i don’t care how much you spent i was just giving insight.

btw, your review sucked :slight_smile:
seriously, please go look at other reviews, and go back and edit your first post. thanks


Its not about the money, its about pride in my work. I do all my own work and am extremely proud of that(even if its not the best).


Which really is about money when you think about it.


the intentions are different though. You purchase for the sake of being faster than someone. Where as you purchase “Uber cool JDM” shit to be more JDM…

I guess in their own respects they are the same thing. I just know why people feel so compelled to say “Oh man, 15 grand to make it this fast” instead of saying “I have this is my setup”

edit: I guess its how you view the comment


going faster is about the pride I would think. Just so happens that in most cases, it takes a lot of money to go fast.


eh, I’m not going to keep argueing about it - just stating thats how it came off to me, it sure didn’t look like any restaurant review I’ve ever seen (as in, it told me nothing really about the restaurant other than name dropping and what you ordered).

then people bandwagoned on it calling people poor and ugly ?

lol. pretty obvious to me, just sayin’


I never once said this is a review of the Chop House. All i said was that I went there. I actually posted this in Off Topic but a mod moved it.

Im not trying to get into an internet cock fight with anyone…


nice ya the chop house is bomb


I fucking love chicken mcnuggets and double quarter pounders!

I’ve had better meals at McDonalds than at the Buffalo chophouse anyways. If you’re gonna waste $400 on two people, go to Russell’s.

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The Chop House bone in ribeye beats anything Russ is cooking. And LOL at McD’s being better than Chop House. Maybe after smoking crack.


bro we talkin shit about The BCH?

we better not be.



@JayS I LOL’d on the crack note.

In all fairness I had the prime rib during restaurant week. This may have affected the quality.


And I’ve never had their prime rib so I can’t comment, but yes, quality generally goes downhill everywhere during discount week. Their signature meat option is their 32oz bone in ribeye and that’s what I get every time I go there. I don’t even need a menu. Just give me that steak and a baked potato big enough to feed 3 people. And a nice cabernet.


Yeah I went once to the Chop House with my mom during restaurant week and it wasn’t the same. Unfortunately restaurant week isn’t really for those who eat out regularly. Places have to offer cheaper plates and quality slides.

Never judge a Restaurant in Buffalo during restaurant week.


Moved BCH talk to this thread


lol this place has its own thread!! I will give it another chance.


Restaurant week is a perfect week to try some new recipes at home.


If you can, get a lobster tail. They’re gigantic and you can get a few meals out of them if you take 'em home :+1: