BURNALL_4's EVO part 2 (the remix) lol

finally got around to getting these done so enjoy








nice work Dan, Rubins evo looking good like allways

Definitely nice work. I feel that the white is a little blown out in some of the pics mainly 4 and 5

actually this whole set to some might seem blown out but its called high-key and I edited it this way … as long as the detail is still there its not blown out … but the first time i saw this way of editing i felt the exact same way … then i decided to give it a try … i think the reason you feel that its blown out also is because there is no reflection or shadow on the car … thanks for the comment tho!:thumbup

yeah thats what it was, no relfection or shadows on the car.

It does look cool though. Like the car is glowing

6 and 7 are awesome, nice shots

Thanks again Dan you do amazing work as usual

nice work!

1, 6, and 7 are hotter than two boys fucking in church

lol fucked up comment but thanks

Loving #1, 2, 5, 6.

The only thing I can think of to take this to the next level (which depending on the circumstances is unlikely to be plausible) but having action shots of the car moving or for an epic shot sliding. Even moving towards the camera with a dust trail behind it could have been interesting.

Shadows are fighting you in #6. Have you tried editing out the shadow in the lower left hand side?

yea we wanted to do a moving shot but we had promised not to get in any trouble when we asked the owner if we could shoot there … and as for the shadow i used it to hide my own shadow … if i tried to edit out something that big i fear that you would notice the repetition in the dirt …