buying used lux car for 10k and under. help

ok so im looking for a car for the gf. cars we are concidering are…

audi a4 2003+



3 series bmw

out of all these cars, which would you buy and why? cant spend anymore than 10k and if anyone knows of anything please let me know asap. thanks

here is a g35

here is a c240

here is an A4

here is a bmw

Out of those, I would go with the G35 or E46 3 Series. But in your price range, the G35 might not be a possibility. They usually go for a little more than $10k in decent shape. I like the E46 cause its RWD and available in manual trans. Plus, Im a whore for BMW ahahah. Also the BMW has a little nicer interior IMO

V6 a4 is lot more reliable.

really? i know a lot about the 1.8t so i would be more apt to work on that.

im thinking BMW would be the way to go with AWD

The X-drive AWD that BMW uses is amazing.

g35, no question… fastest car out of the bunch and most luxurious.

its for my gf. its a baby mobile haha. no need for speed, just reliable, lux, and a good grocery getter.

DO NOT BUY THE G35. I owned one. Biggest pile of shit car. Tranny went bad at 16kmi

If you could find a clean IS300 under 10k I’d go with that. My IS300 was awesome, sick interior, was fast enough and rode great. Probably my fav DD I ever owned. Shouldn’t have sold it.

If you could get this under 10k. Wow, it’s full leather option with the 5 speed. Don’t see that too often.

wow great info bro, thanks!!!

i cant seem to find an IS but let me look again.

has to be auto, she cant drive stick

Can’t really go by just one car and say it’s a pos because the tranny went at 16k and say there all junk.

Ed, for work I drive all these cars all the time with milage all over the place, high, low, super high… The ones that seem to hold up the best are the BMW 3series and the g35 sedans… Rest are ehh

I’d personally go with a 3 series but just my oppinnion

I’d say that 90% of the IS300’s out there are automatic, that would also be a good car for sure.

I had three friends with them. All junk rattle boxes.

Lexus > Infiniti all day every day.

deadbear: check pm

im looking at the 325xi right now. im thinking i like this the best.

but if i can find a nice IS300 i would do that too.

Remember the IS300 is RWD, and if she’s a girl she may dorifto if she can’t drive in the snow.

i keep telling her that. we will, if in fact get a RWD, get snows and ill make sure i take her out in a p-lot before.

I had snows on mine. Wasn’t bad. If it was gonna be snofest 2010 i just rocked moms escape

Infiniti = overpriced Nissan.
Lexus = overpriced Toyota.