C4 Corvette LS Swap Project


good question, I wonder if it just takes regular analog inputs and converts them internally? They couldn’t have used CANBUS back then


No I’m not planning on bothering with it, more of a headache than it’s worth. I’ll just make a custom dash insert and run Auto meter’s.


I’ve been working on the harness here and there, finally got it to the point that I can power up the PCM and connect to it with HP Tuners. Now I just need a starter and fuel pump/lines to fire it up on the stand.






My drive by wire throttle wasn’t working, so I pulled the DTC codes and traced some wires, turns out it wasn’t grounded, lol. One step closer to firing it up.



Picked up a 6.0L starter motor from the junkyard and some new bolts from Advanced Friday. Installed it and wired it up to a momentary switch Saturday, surprisingly the solenoid hasn’t cooked my 20 amp momentary switch, lol


Picked up a Walbro GSS340, Racetronix fuel pump install kit, some 3/8 aluminum hard line and fuel hose. Spent last night getting the stand alone fuel system set up. Surprisingly it fired right up! Haha


I’m surprised it didn’t flip over on the stand.


Nah, they’re more stable than you’d expect


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aluminum fuel line, meh

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oh I bet thats loud, a vid would be sweet!

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Four years later…

Well it won’t start anymore, and the clutch must have water in it, but this Saturday Steve and I spent about a hour dragging this thing across my parents lawn and winching into dad’s garage. Didn’t take long to start tearing into it.

The worst designed accessory system in the world and exhaust removed

Then Brad showed up and we removed the hood

And with a bunch of messing around the engine and trans came out

Lastly we split the trans and bell housing off so I could mate it up to the new engine at home


Spent some time cleaning the car up and pulling the interior, which was water logged and home to a few mice that made it smell great. The Targa top leaks, something to do with 34 year old rubber, so I need to get that replaced soon so I don’t end up with water in the car again.

A pretty amazing contrast between the rear carpet that was covered vs uncovered.

Rear carpet and padding pulled out, and mouse crap vacuumed up

Seats were surprisingly easy to pull out, even though I can’t seem to get anything electrical to work after pulling the engine. Must be missing a ground somewhere or something.

Now I need to find the replacement gas struts I bought for the rear glass 4 years ago…


Started working my way through the engine double checking everything is torqued, and making sure I have everything I need, which I don’t, haha.

621 bellhousing is making everything bolt up nicely, and the pilot bearing and clutch are stacking up fine (pictures show actual locations). Also installed the pilot bearing in the crank while I was at it.

Next up, figuring out if I’m going hydraulic throwout bearing or adapting the stock slave cylinder and fork.