Cadillac ATS


First I heard of this. not bad.


How did you miss all the commericals recently? There are a ton of them in my parking garage right now, and I think they look a lot better than the XTS.
I enjoyed this review

Wait for the ATS-V should be a really fun car. My buddy is doing some work on it.


summer time, hardly any TV. I count on you for Cadillac news


The ATS is Caddy’s 3-series fighter, and from all the reviews and test-drives I’ve read, it’s legit.

Someone’s been burning the midnight oil on this one.


I can’t wait till people put big systems in this thing and the active noise cancellation gets WAY louder


They are going in a good direction.


Understood. They played them a lot during the olympics.

I am very happy to see this thing on a diet. It is surprisingly close to the current cts size and much lighter. The new cts will be larger, closer to the 5 series.
XTS is a flop in my book. The CUE is the only redeeming aspect. I am still waiting for the grand RWD big sedan.


XTS, as I understood it, is for the octogenarian Floridian who mourns the death of the DTS.


Agreed, it has FWD and AWD variants. But no V8 and I like the design language more in the ATS. XTS looks like a slapped together stop gap.


Those specs are pretty legit but how is this going to be priced in comparison to those other competitors such as the 3 series and the a4?


First glance and I thought it was my boss’s malibu


Starts at $33k vs $36.5k and $32.5k
Obiviously std options and added components will weigh in but it looks like that is a decent price point.


ETA on First LSx Swap?


hmm. I know they were testing those for the ATS-V but I think they went a different direction.

I had seen a bunch of 2.0T in the garage but today was the first 3.6 DI. Looked real nice.


The manual transmission is not available on all models. LAME. GM loves their stupid automatics.


Aaaaand it’s dead:

we can now officially confirm that 2018 will the final model year for the ATS Sedan. The ATS Coupe, however, isn’t going anywhere. At least for the time being.


That was quick…my wife’s ats coupe never fails to put a smile on my face. Not as quick as the range rover but driving it is just fun.